Do you have a home in the South of France or are you in the process of buying a second home?

I can help you realise your dreams and create the holiday home you have been longing for.

Being an experienced Norwegian Interior Designer, living partly in the South of France. I can help you renovate or re-decorate, find the right furniture, curtains, carpets and most articles you need for your home. I can assist you with the interior design, floor plans, drawings, materials and fabrics, colours, lighting and other important details.

If you wish to give your home an even more unique and personal style, filled with flavours from antique markets and local heritage, I will be happy to find it for, or with you.

I can also recommend experienced Project leaders/Project Managers and various construction workers.

Please contact me for further details and to learn how we best can work together to realise your ambitions.

Laila Sjøholt
Mondo Interior
Tel: +
47 48021670