Mondo Interior is based in Oslo and in South of France.

After several years in the interior industry I`ve gained a versatile and broad experience with different types of interior assignments and do everything from small to large projects within interior consulting, furnishing and curtain solutions for private homes, holiday homes and office environments.

I complete interior projects in Norway and in the South of France, where I have my own holiday home.

Being involved in a diverse range of interior projects, I have acquired the best contacts within furniture, fabrics, carpets, lighting, art and photos. Most of these items can be ordered at Mondo Interior.

If you want special designs of furniture and furnishing, I can provide sketches and ideas, as well as contacts in manufacturing. I can also help you with curtains, textiles, seam and mounting.

For me, interior is all about creating a good atmosphere at home, in your holiday home or at the workplace, highlighting your personality, corporate values and the desired profile.

I help my clients’ realise their dreams and needs at home or at the workplace. If you like modern, classical or more distinctive expressions I can help you accentuate your personality and character.

Please contact me for a pleasant and non-committal conversation at;


Mail: laila@mondointerior.no

Phone:+47 48021670

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